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Hashtag MXSY!

#MXSY is short for Max and Soy. 

We are living and working together in New York since 2016. We want to be connected with people in where we live now. We want to share the joys of our lives with our neighbors and the public in our language of sight and sound. Here we share our journey with people.


If you want to know who we are,

Link to Max:

Link to Soy:

MXSY Project #1

MXSY's Favorite Neighbor: 

Bentou Cafe

Max and Soy are happy to have this great neighbor. Bentou Cafe is an Asian fusion restaurant which has a wide range of high quality Japanese and Korean food.

Owners and staff are very kind and warm, like the food we enjoy regularly there.

We wanted to express how much we love the place, food, and people in the restaurant.  We felt a mural  was a good medium to convey our mind.  In appreciation of this great food, the characters drawn in the mural are derived from actual items in the restaurant's menu. 

I hope you enjoy them too.

#MXSY 2016-2017

Max's favorite

Graham Half Cut Roll

Sweet potato tempura, cucumber, avocado. Top: tofu skin.

Soy's Favorite

Rose Sushi 

Salmon, mayo and tobiko.

Spicy Pink Combo with Coco and Rose, Acrylic paint on canvas, 20x16", 2017

Salmon sashimi over rice with spicy sauce. Top: egg and ikura.

Salmon Teriyaki Bento, Acrylic paint on Canvas, 12x12", 2017

Grilled Salmon comes with vegetables, edamame, vegetable spring roll and rice.

Half Cut Rolls with Coco, Acrylic paint on Canvas, 20x16", 2017

Twenty different kinds of half cut rolls

Onigiri - Rice Sandwich

Kimchi Tuna Onigiri

Cooked tuna with spicy kimchi.

Coco Shrimp Onigiri

Deep fried coconut shrimp with spicy mayo.

Spicy Chicken Onigiri


If you want to know more about our neighbor, visit to Bentou Cafe in Brooklyn, NY. There you can see our full mural and paintings.

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